Overview of Invisalign®

Classic wire and metal braces and adulthood do not go well together. Few modern adults would be comfortable wearing a set of conventional braces for six months or more, and yet that is what may be required if you wanted to straighten your teeth using this old-fashioned route. It is why Bongiorno Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY is happy to provide our patients with Invisalign.

You may have already heard of Invisalign, since the system has been widely available for a decade, and as your preferred dentist in Brooklyn, NY, we would encourage you to consider this path over standard or clear braces. This is because the treatment relies on clear aligners that slide over the teeth and invisibly work at straightening and realigning them.

A form of cosmetic dentistry as much as orthodontics, the trays are custom designed for your specific needs. They are crafted as a set or series, and each individual tray is worn for two to four weeks before you move on to the next in the set. Some patients need only six months and a single set to achieve their goals, others may need several sets and a bit longer. However, if you are a good candidate for the treatment, something that a cosmetic dentist must determine, you can be sure of optimal results.

One important benefit of the Invisalign system is that there is no guesswork involved. The treatment is done using computer designed trays – and you can actually take a look at the finished product before you even begin through the use of computer generated images!

Naturally, not everyone is an ideal candidate for the use of the Invisalign approach. It is something best suited to those with mild to moderate misalignment, gaps or spacing. If you are someone who does not qualify for this approach to straightening the teeth, you may still avoid the need for braces by discussing other cosmetic remedies such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

However, if you are a good candidate, you can count on this approach as the least invasive, uncomfortable and challenging.  The trays make very slow, comfortable and yet persistent pressure that causes the teeth to move in tiny increments. There is none of the pain and hassle of wires and metal brackets, nothing is glued to the teeth, and the aligners pop out easily for eating, drinking and oral hygiene. In this way too, the aligners beat classic braces because they allow you to maintain your usual habits and keep your teeth and gums in top condition.

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