Dental Bridges Overview

What is the solution for someone who has lost a single tooth or even several teeth in a row? Do they need to get a set of false teeth, an implant, or just leave the gap alone? At Bongiorno Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, we offer an array of restorative dentistry treatments, including dental bridges.

As your preferred dentist in Brooklyn, NY, we are happy to review your situation and help you determine if a dental bridge fits in with your needs and budget.

A dental bridge is, as it sounds, a bridge or series of artificial teeth that fill an expanse of empty space created with the loss of several adult teeth. It is a good solution for someone with one missing tooth or with several, but not everyone can easily use dental bridges. This is because your remaining teeth need to be in good shape, and if not, they will be unable to hold dental bridges in place.

Let’s take a moment to consider just how dental bridges are placed. They are designed to rely on “abutments”, just like regular bridges you find on the roads. The abutments hold and support the bridge, and in your mouth they are the two teeth that sit at either end of the bridge. This means they must be in good condition, healthy and strong.

The two teeth are going to have to be reshaped to serve as abutments, and then they will each be capped with a crown that is part of the actual bridge. The two new crowns are bonded to your permanent teeth, and as the bridge is connected to the crowns, it instantly fills the space.

The bridge is crafted to match the natural teeth and to fit your original bite. Whether it is three teeth (two crowns and a single replacement tooth) or many, it is built from a mold we will make of your teeth and mouth before the bridge is created in the lab.

As you might imagine, dental bridges are ideal for keeping your teeth in their original positions and preserving the natural or original bite. They do take some time to get used to, and they will always need the same sort of care and upkeep as regular teeth, including twice annual cleanings and checkups. However, they are a much more affordable solution than dental implants, and far more preferable than extractions and dentures.

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