Dental Crowns Overview

Many of our patients have dental crowns and do not realize what a remarkably effective remedy this technology provides. At Bongiorno Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, we consider dental crowns an important part of our restorative dentistry as well as our cosmetic offerings.

It is helpful to know that a dental crown is not actually a “crown” as you might envision. It is not a ring of metal that sits around a tooth. Instead, you may want to picture your dental crowns more like caps that encapsulate the exposed portion of the tooth, sheltering and protecting it from any harm, discomfort or decay.

As your dentist in Brooklyn, NY, we might recommend dental crowns for:

  • Teeth that have been damaged and weakened
  • Teeth that have overly large cavities with a lot of material removed
  • Teeth that have received root canal therapy
  • Teeth that are actually dental implants
  • Teeth that have become permanently and deeply stained
  • Teeth that are weakened and cracked
  • Teeth that have had old, large amalgam fillings removed

As that list shows, in almost all instances, an original tooth remains and the dental crowns serve to protect that tooth from any further issues. Keeping your teeth is very important for long term oral health. The roots ensure that bone and gum tissue remain and that all of the teeth hold their original placement. This is why we may suggest that you opt for crowns if you need restorative, but also cosmetic work.

To make crowns is a very straightforward procedure. Patients come to the office for treatment, and special molds are taken, colors are gauged, and the crown is then designed based on your overall needs. We prepare the tooth, re-contouring it, treating it for decay or disease, and then place a temporary crown before sending you home.

The temporary crown is not as strong as usual crowns, and you must use care in the days that follow. When the special lab returns your crown, you come in and we then place and bond this permanent crown in place. After that, you simply treat the crown like your original tooth, brushing, flossing, and coming to us for cleanings and checkups.

We can use them to give you an entirely new smile or simply ensure that one damaged tooth remains intact.

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