Did you ever consider the benefits of teeth whitening? Sure, the treatment gives your healthy teeth and gums a gorgeous gleam, but there are actually other benefits to this popular form of cosmetic dentistry. At Bongiorno Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY we provide tooth whitening as part of our cosmetic dentistry solutions and encourage patients to learn more about the benefits of this option.

As your preferred dentist in Brooklyn, we will clean your teeth once or twice each year. At that time, we might suggest teeth whitening if you are someone with habits that can lead to ongoing, and worsening staining. For example, our tooth whitening specialist might explain the benefits of teeth whitening to you if you are a smoker, someone who drinks staining beverages like wine or coffee and tea, or someone who has a sugary diet that affects the teeth.

Naturally, the fact that we have a rapid, in-office treatment that can address such stains is one of the main benefits of teeth whitening, but there is more to it than that. After all, we have many patients with perfectly healthy teeth who make a point of hiding their otherwise healthy smiles. They do this because of discoloration or staining. It could be extrinsic or surface staining or a bit more deep set intrinsic staining. One of the other primary benefits of teeth whitening is that it can alleviate the stains and allow that patient to show off their healthy teeth and gums, and confidently smile, speak and laugh again.

We also might suggest whitening if you are about to begin certain smile makeover treatments. This will ensure that we make restorations that are much brighter and whiter, giving you a glowing smile when the makeover is complete. For instance, you might be about to get some porcelain veneers. We might recommend whitening of the surrounding teeth and then craft your veneers in this newer, brighter hue. This gives you the best results, and allows you to get whitening on the natural teeth (if they discolor) in the future.

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