Say the word dentures and most people have a lot of preconceived ideas and even some prejudices. In years past, these might have been warranted, but modern dentures are far more beneficial, advanced and appealing. At Bongiorno Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY we always encourage patients with tooth loss to consider the many of benefits of dentures as we work together to create a treatment plan.

Understanding Modern Dentures

As your regular dentist in Brooklyn, we might have been unable to prevent some tooth loss you have suffered, or we might have had to recommend extraction of one or more of your teeth. There are many reasons for this to occur, and though we have other options for restorative dentistry (implants are one), we might also suggest dentures to meet your needs.

Our dentures specialist will tell you whether you require full or partial dentures, but the most important thing they will do is review the many benefits of dentures for your needs. After all, these include:

  • They improve your overall health and well being by looking entirely natural, filling out your face in a youthful way, and allowing you to eat and speak like before.
  • They allow your mouth to become a blank slate, with any painful issues eliminated and any bite problems erased. One of the main benefits of dentures is that they can create a perfectly aligned bite.
  • They cut down on your costs for oral care and free up time by reducing the amount of time spent each day on oral hygiene (unless you have some remaining teeth, but even then care is still simple and streamlined).
  • They last for five to ten years before needing replacement.
  • They are fitted perfectly, erasing any worries about slipping or falling out.
  • They can be fixed dentures too, using dental implants that allow “four on one” replacement of a complete set of upper or lower teeth.

Want to Experience the Benefits of Dentures for Yourself?

As you can see, there are so many benefits of dentures that you should always consider them as part of your restorative dentistry options. Did this erase your worries about dentures? If not, give us a call at our Brooklyn, NY office at 718-680-1117. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.