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About Us

Dr. William Bongiorno and Dr. Robert Bongiorno continue a tradition of exceptional and comprehensive dental care that is in their family. Serving patients throughout the Brooklyn, New York areas, our dentists are committed to attentive care and efficient treatment for patients of all ages. Regardless what the dental problem may be, they will strive to meet the needs of that patient. Below is some general information about the practice and what we have to offer.

Dr. William Bongiorno

williamGraduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1973. Prior to studying at Dental School, he attended Seton Hall University where he received a BA in Biology. Dr.Bongiorno been practicing for over 35 years. He has been in his current location for 4 years. Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Bongiorno has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. He has lectured both nationally and locally on various dental subjects. Dr Bongiorno is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Cariology and Comprehensive Care at New York University College of Dentistry. He is also President of the Bay Ridge Dental Society and on the Board of Directors of the New York University College of Dentistry Alumni Association.

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Dr. Robert Bongiorno

robertGraduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 2009 where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS). Prior to studying at Dental School, he attended Scranton University where he received a BA in Biology. After graduating from College he pursued a Masters Degree in Medical Microbiology at Long Island University. Dr.Bongiorno completed a one year Resident program at Staten Island University Hospital, a division of North Shore University Hospital in June 2010.

Advanced Dental Technology

The dentists at our Brooklyn, New York practice offer their patients some of the latest advances in dental technology. The benefits of these advances in dental care are many. In general, the following instruments and systems make it easier for us to diagnose dental problems and treat them.

Digital Imaging and X-Rays

Digital images and digital x-rays provide our dentists will invaluable tools for diagnostics and advanced treatment. Most importantly, though, digital x-rays are safe and more precise than traditional x-rays. In fact, studies have shown that digital x-rays expose patients to 1/16th the radiation of traditional x-rays.

Intraoral Cameras

In the past, it was sometimes hard to access and assess the condition of certain parts of the mouth. That is not a problem anymore. Intraoral cameras are tiny cameras (some of them are just millimeters wide) that can be used to examine your teeth, your gums, and various other structures in your mouth. Even more accurate diagnoses and treatments can be performed.

Laser Dentistry

In order to perform a number of different dental treatments, our team is happy to use laser technology rather than traditional equipment. Laser dentistry means diagnosis and proactive dental care. Lasers can be used to locate cavities, help speed up the drying and setting time of dental restorations, whiten the teeth, address problems with the gums and other soft tissues, and so on.

Office Hours and Scheduling

Bongiorno Dentistry is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:30 PM. Our dentists serve patients in Brooklyn, New York and surrounding communities such as Glendale, Haberman, Park Slope, Flatlands, and Crown Heights.

When you contact our office, we will schedule your appointment at your easiest possible convenience. As we also handle urgent dental emergencies, we will make every attempt to see you on the same day as your dental emergency should you contact us with one.

Please note that while we strive to minimize delays, there are many circumstances that may cause slight waits in scheduling appointments. Both Drs. William and Robert Bongiorno provide many types of dental care services and emergency services, which may take more time than anticipated. Our dentists and the entire team appreciate your understanding and patience should any delays occur.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our Brooklyn, New York dentists online. You can also call our general and cosmetic dentistry office at (718) 680-1117.